April 24, 2021 Show

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2021 Virtual Canada Netherlands Friendship Day Announcement

We all remember the many Canada Netherlands Friendship Day events we have held
over many years in the past. Last year we needed to cancel it due to the pandemic. This
year as this pandemic still rages on, we are moving the celebration into a virtual format
as described below.

The Burlington Mundialization Committee will release two videos on the City of
Burlington’s YouTube channel to celebrate Canada-Netherlands Friendship Day. The
videos will commemorate the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands by
Canadian Forces in World War II, and the 16th anniversary of the City of Burlington’s
twinning with the City of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. The first video will be released
on May 3 and the second on May 5 at the following links:



The two videos will feature distinguished guests such as the mayors of Burlington and
Apeldoorn and the Consul-General of the Netherlands and include musical and artistic
performances from groups in both cities. Highlights include a speaker who will tell us
about his experience as a small boy experiencing freedom at the end of World War II
and a unique performance by elementary school students from Trinity Christian School
in Burlington.

See below the full list of featured speakers:
* Anne Le Guellec, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
* Marianne Meed Ward, Mayor of Burlington
* Ton Heerts, Mayor of Apeldoorn
* Elizabeth Witmer, Chair of WSIB, former Deputy Premier of Ontario
* Dan Murray, spoken word artist from Burlington
* Burlington Teen Tour Band
* 48th Highlanders Pipes and Drums of Apeldoorn
* One speaker will talk about experiencing freedom as a child near the end of
World War II  Elementary school students from Burlington and Apeldoorn